This naturally whitening toothpowder works by absorbing and polishing away stains and plaque that naturally form on our teeth. It's a completely safe and fast-effective formula made without the use of any chemicals like peroxides or synthetic flavourings. Flavoured with organic Eucalyptus essential oil for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this oil helps fighting the germs that cause unfortunate mouth odour, while providing a refreshing and cooling mouthfeel.


About the Manufacturer:


Georganics are a Kent based manufacturer of natural & eco-friendly oral care products, committed to the highest quality ingredients. All of their products are hand-crafted in small batches, made from natural ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible. Their packaging is specifically designed to produce no waste to avoid clogging up landfill sites.  They do not test on animals, and all the products stocked by The Bottle Swap are suitable for vegans.

Toothpaste powder: "Eucalyptus" by Georganics

  • Sodium Bicarbonate , Calcium Carbonate , Diatomaceous Earth , Magnesium Carbonate , Tartaric Acid , Organic Eucalyptus Leaf Oil , Vitamin E , Dicalcium Phosphate

  • Dip a clean toothbrush into the powder, brush for 2 minutes, rinse well. Store in a dry place up to 12 months from opening.