Make an eco-friendly statement with this vibrant Star themed Kraft Paper Sticky Tape Roll, suitable for all types of gift and parcel wrapping, crafts or business use.


Completely free from plastic and recyclable. Great for christmas wrapping, birthdays or any gift occasions with a unisex design.

 It is also extra long in length (66 meters) and is 100% recyclable.



White Kraft Paper Tape with black vegan friendly ink and a strong glue adhesive on one side for effective sticking. 

Roll length is 66 metres by 25 mm wide. 


Why choose paper tape?

Sellotape-type rolls are made from plastic and not only does it not break down, plastic tape also contaminates the recycling systems making it impossible to effectively recycle other materials. 

Using a paper tape such as this one means that is does not have to be removed before recycling.

You can recycle this tape along with your standard household paper waste - how much easier is that! 



About the Manufacturer:


Nottinghamshire based Planetwrapit was set up by Rachael & Neil after learning that at least 50,000 trees are chopped down each year just to produce wrapping paper which usually cant be recycled.  As parents,  they felt a responsibility to do better by the next generation so set about creating a sustainable alternative and pledge to plant more trees that they will ever use for our business.

Multi-purpose Kraft Paper Recyclable Tape




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