Delivery details

Check your postcode below to find out when The Bottle Swap round is in your area.

If your area's round falls the following day, orders must be placed by 6pm to catch that round, else they will be delivered the following round in that area. 

£5 minimum order.

£3 delivery charge for orders under £20.

Free delivery for orders £20 or more.


  every MONDAY

NE37, NE38

SR1 to  SR6


NE1 to NE7


NE25 to NE30


every 1st and 3rd WEDNESDAY of the month

NE15 to  NE21

NE39 to NE49

every 2nd and 4th WEDNESDAY of the month


NE22, NE23, NE24,

NE61 to NE71

every 1st and 3rd THURSDAY of the month

All DH postcodes


All DL postcodes

every 2nd and 4th THURSDAY of the month

SR7, SR8


All TS postcodes


every FRIDAY

NE8 to NE11,

NE31 to NE36