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Changes from November 2021

TLDR: From 1st November 2021, all areas will move to monthly delivery on a SUNDAY. 

Please check here for details of your delivery day.

Read on to find out why this is happening.



A message from Helen:


Hi everyone


You may have noticed I’ve been particularly quiet on social media for a few weeks.  There have been changes to delivery areas, deliveries postponed, and some of you have met my dad and brother recently when they have stepped in to lend a hand.  


From November there will be a change to everyone’s delivery day (the last one, I promise!) so I'm taking this opportunity to give some insight into The Bottle Swap, and explain the recent disruption... 



In early 2019 I took a career break, spending much of it scuba diving around Asia.  It was my intention to return in summer 2020 and get back into work.

But when Covid changed the world so rapidly, I caught a last minute flight and arrived home the day before lockdown. 

The unplanned end to my trip meant I had no job to come home to, so I set about creating one myself.


It had never crossed my mind to be self-employed before so I took advice from various people and places and, reflecting on the frustration I’d felt at the volumes of ocean plastics I’d seen diving, I drew up a plan.  I put it into action with a bit of trial and error, and as a result, over the last year, over 200 of you have been able to reduce your plastic waste while discovering some lovely eco-friendly brands and products- just as I have!



Then last month I was offered a really exciting full-time job.  It’s exactly what I’d originally hoped to get in to after my career break, and I gladly accepted.


Since The Bottle Swap has always been a one-person-operation, I had to make some changes so it might feasibly continue once my time was dedicated elsewhere.

Family stepped up to help with deliveries, and I reduced the area The Bottle Swap covers so that I might still be able to do some myself after work if needed.


I postponed everything while I went away to train for my new job, and over the following weeks you met my dad or brother as they delivered your orders while I found my feet in my new role.


Now, having settled into my job and gaining a greater understanding of its demands, I’ve had to reconsider this plan.


I did debate simply closing The Bottle Swap down, but so many of you have said you’d be sad to see the service go- as would I.



I also did the maths involved in handing the whole business over to someone else.  This would take time so wouldn’t help in the short-term, but is still an option I’m open to discussing with anyone that might be interested.


So in what seems the best compromise, from 1st November, deliveries will be on either 1st or 2nd SUNDAY of each month, depending on postcode.  This way the service can continue with everyone having a monthly delivery, and I can concentrate fully on my new responsibilities through the week.



Looking at the stats, most people order around once a month anyway, and many areas have had a once monthly delivery date for a while now which was introduced to reduce carbon emissions.  This has worked out great, so hopefully a monthly service will meet everyone else’s needs just as well. 

Plus by having a whole month’s deliveries condensed into just 2 trips, emissions are going to be reduced even further- and quite considerably, which is great!


I appreciate that this means a change of delivery day for everyone. 

But in reshaping the service like this, everyone will have just one date to remember and it will mean I can continue to deliver plastic free products to your door, which is preferable to saying goodbye.


Thank you for understanding, you’re all proper toppa!